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  1. When to revoke your Digital Certificate
  2. Who can request
  3. How to revoke
  1. When to revoke your Digital Certificate
  • You should request to revoke your Digital Certificate:
  • When it is necessary to alter any information contained therein;
  • In the event of loss, theft, modification, inappropriate use, jeopardy or suspected jeopardy of the corresponding private key or of its filing means;
  • • Whenever incorrect information is verified in the Digital Certificate.
  1. Who can request to revoke
  • The revoking of the Digital Certificate can only be requested by:
  • The owner of the certificate;
  • The party liable for the Digital Certificate, in the case of companies;
  • The company or agency when the owner of the Digital Certificate is an employee of the company or agency which furnished it.
  1. How to revoke
  • The Digital Certificate must be revoked via the Internet, by accessing the SERASA-EXPERIAN site using the link Certificado Digital SERASA-EXPERIAN. The use of the password supplied when the Digital Certificate was requested is mandatory and the following steps should be observed:
    1. Access the link Revoke Certificates on the Control Panel;
    2. Enter the Individual Tax Payer Registration / Passport number of the owner of the Digital Certificate and the identification password;
    3. Select the Certificate to be revoked;
    4. Inform the reason(s) for revoking and confirm the electronic request;
    5. Print the request for revoking, sign it and keep it;
    6. Click on SEND. The system will revoke the Digital Certificate and a screen indicating that the operation was successful will appear; the revoked Digital Certificate will automatically be included in the RCL (Revoked Certificates List) at which point the process for revoking will have been concluded.
    7. A confirmation of the revoking will be forwarded to the e-mail address listed on the Certificate.