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The "Assembleia na Web" portal encourages and allows shareholders to exercise their right to vote at a distance – without having to be physically present at the meeting.

It is a technological platform that allows shareholders who cannot be personally present to participate and vote by means of a digital, electronic power of attorney, in this manner permitting the shareholder to partake in the company’s decision-making process.

The new platform’s tools provide greater interaction between the company and shareholders, allowing them access to the agenda, information and documents of the meeting among various essential information for discussing and positioning the vote.

Some of the solutions that are available in the technological platform include: platform for voting in conformity with CVM’s Instruction nº 481/09, voting reports, meeting hotsites, availability of all documentation and information regarding the issues listed in the agenda, meeting manual, discussion page or forum/blog, fact sheets, programmed chats, transmission of the event via Internet (audio or videocast) in addition to other features.