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  • Shareholders and quota holders increase their participation in corporate decisions: they can issue voting instructions to powers of attorney voting in their names and accompany the event remotely without having to physically appear at the location the meeting is being held. They can furthermore receive detailed information on the voting agenda, on an earlier and easier basis.
  • Companies legitimize their decisions and align themselves with a practice of excellence in corporate governance: they demonstrate commitment with rendering accounts, equality of treatment and transparency.
  • The new Good Practices Code of the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute recommends that that the company facilitate the participation of shareholders in meetings, including by way of power of attorney: "To this end, it can employ technologies such as electronic signatures and digital certificates, as well as have voting agents available to receive partner's powers of attorney and vote according to orientation received". (, 4th edition)

It is the ideal alternative for complying with the new rules determined by CVM’s Instruction no. 481 of December 17, 2009 (and in effect since January 1st, 2010), moreover regarding the availability of information and documents and the dispensation of reimbursement of expenses by the company, required for the requests for power of attorney from shareholders who own 0,5% or more of the company’s capital stock.