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In investment funds, among other issues eventually foreseen in the fund’s regulations and other specific regulation, it is the responsibility of quota holders to discuss, exclusively in a General Meeting, the following matters:

• Examination of and voting on the accounting reports presented by management;
• Approval for replacing the administrator, manager, or custodian;
• Approval for the merger, incorporation, transformation or liquidation of the fund;
• Approval for increasing the administration fee;
• Approval for altering the investment policy;
• Approval for issuing new quotas, in the case of closed-end funds;
• Approval for amortization of quotas, if not foreseen in the regulations;
• Approval for any other matter of interest to the quota holders / fund, such as alteration to the Regulations;
• Others foreseen in the Regulations or in specific regulation according to the nature of the fund.