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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy developed by Firb ("Company") was created to reaffirm the Company’s commitment to the security and privacy of information of users of its websites’ interactive products and services. It is worth pointing out that it is possible to access files, read information and news, as well as to get to know a company without the need to furnish personal information. In the event any personal information is supplied, this document establishes the manner in which the Company collects and treats such data.

  1. Any information furnished by the user shall be collected using ethical and legal means.
  2. Any information furnished by users shall be collected and stored according to the highest security and confidentiality standards.
  3. Users will be advised of which of their information will be collected before the actual moment of collection, so that the user is responsible for choosing whether or not to furnish this information and furthermore, the user will be made aware of the consequences of the decision taken.
  4. Access to data collected is restricted to authorized employees (who are obliged, in contract, to maintain the information confidential and to not use it inadequately). Employees who inappropriately use this information will be subject to the penalties foreseen in Firb’s disciplinary process without being precluded from suffering applicable legal penalties.
  5. Unless determined by law or legal decision, user information shall never be transferred to third parties or used for any purposes other than those they were collected for. Firb will maintain the information furnished to itself intact and restricted.
  6. This website contains links or frames for external sites, the content or privacy policy for which are not Firb’s responsibility, whether they belong to partners or allies of the Company or not. Therefore, Firb will not be held responsible for eventual losses or damages suffered as a result of using the links or frames referred to, their content or privacy policy. Firb dos not have access to information collected by cookies (small files placed in the PC to trace movement in a website) which are present in the sites that contain these links.
  7. Eventually and for administration purposes, Firb may use cookies, being that the user can, at any time, enable on his browser mechanisms which inform when they are active or to avoid that they be activated.
  8. At all times when other organizations are hired to provide support services, they will be required to conform to Firb’s privacy policy

We recommend that this policy be periodically reviewed as it is subject to alterations without prior notice.